The manufacturing division within A M Phillip Agritech carries out a diverse range of work crop sprayers as well as specialised equipment used in the forestry’s and building industries, the design and manufacture of Sprayer front tanks and Fastrac/Mulitdrive de-mount sprayers JCB Fastrac chassis extensions and Modifications, Design and build of specialist Crop Sprayers.

A M Phillip Agritech Ltd have the skills and the equipment to perform these tasks.

To enable contractors and large farmers to complete the task of applying chemicals to the growing crop within the spraying window it is sometimes necessary to have a machine with special features like de-mount sprayers to allow the prime mover to be used for other operations or the fast transport between farms.

To this end A M Phillip Agritech design and manufacture sprayers to fit onto the Mulitdrive unit and also to the JCB Fastrac either in the standard form and the stretched version that we extend. Similar to the Commercial vehicle extensions we also can extend the chassis on JCB Fastracs by 750mm to 1100mm as well as an 250mm extension to the rear.

This not only gives a larger load bearing platform but balances the load out between the front and rear axles.

If a customer has their own ideas and requirements for the design of a machine they need to complete or help them with an operation or job we have the experience and skills to bring it to life.

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